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A cup of tea for you!

When you come to the UK, you can hear the word ‘CUPPA’ many times. It means a cup of tea. As you know, British people are in love with tea. And I think that you will also look forward to the teatime when you come here!

cup of tea

Do you know that there are many types of tea in the UK? Do you know that there are so many kinds of British tea based on the tastes and even based on the tea time? Don’t worry even if you didn’t know it yet. World Choice Education can help you to get to know the tea and the culture!

More importantly, when British people have tea? Morning? evening? Or even every 10 minutes?



Have you ever seen this tea in the UK? Maybe, you have seen it many times. This is called English breakfast tea. It is one of the most popular blended teas, and very common in British tea culture. English breakfast tea is a black tea blend usually tea leaves based on Assam. British people usually drink it in the mornings to wake up from sleepiness.

tumblr_lz2x1eIN9V1r5gdl7o3_250.gifHave you ever heard of Elevenses as mentioned in Hobbit above, it is a tea that you have after busy work in the mornings.

Besides, there is midday tea break. It is the tea that you have with a little snack in the afternoons.

Also, when you finish your dinner, you can enjoy a relaxing tea time with brandy or whiskey. It is called After diner tea.

19428902_1936013523349076_5883821401260949504_nDrink before going to bed? It is called Night tea, which is simply understood!

As you see, there are so many teas in Britain, and it is deeply connected in British culture. You can even see many phrase of tea in English. Let’s learn a couple of idioms British people use all the time!

That’s not my a cup of tea  

– It means that something is not what you like or are not interested in.

I’ll put the kettle on

– It means that you will make a cup of tea.

Tempest in a teapot

– It means that you think that something tiny and not important at all is being made a big fuss. 

Not for all the tea in China

– It means that you will never do something that you are required, even if there will be a huge reward for doing it.

I simply introduced about tea culture in the UK. Hope you enjoyed it! World Choice Education is here to help you out to get to know more about the British culture and the English language!

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