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The 5 most common New Year’s Resolutions

We’re now into the third weekend of the New Year – time flies, doesn’t it? Although, time does indeed fly, many if not all of us make a very slow start to the New Year. What else is there to expect after all those days off eating, drinking and sleeping over the Christmas period? That’s the beauty of the holiday season leading up to New Years Eve; it’s all a blast and truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Of course, the party season climaxes on New Years Eve and wherever you were, you probably made sure you made peace with 2015 and said so long to it ready to move onto 2016. Some of you probably reflected on how 2015 was for you during the countdown to midnight while scoffing down as many grapes or gulping down as much champagne as possible. Others probably left it until the night came to a close and you were left with the overwhelming feeling that another year flew past. No matter when, we all did the somewhat obligatory analysis of the past year and came up with a list of New Year’s Resolutions for purposes of self-improvement in 2016.

New year, new me’ or ‘new year, new start’ are both common sayings proclaimed by many in the New Year. The idea that we’ve got another year ahead of us fills us up with ambitions for the following year and funnily enough, people seem to have similar hopes and ambitions for themselves at the start of the New Year. Unfortunately, by mid to late January many of us have settled back into the busy pace of our daily life and fall back into old habits. Below is a list of the 5 most common New Year’s resolutions and *cough cough* they’re also the most commonly broken ones too!



This one was a no-brainer when it comes to naming the top New Year’s resolution. After almost a whole month of excessive amounts of party food, left over Christmas dinner, chilling, Netflix marathons and constant drinking, it’s no wonder the first thing we want to do in the new year is to hit the gym. Not to mention the fact that everyone wants to start working out for his or her beach bod ready for summertime. Although, some manage to not break this resolution, people’s gym sessions are considerably a lot less compared to what they originally planned at the beginning of the year due to schedules and other commitments. Others simply give up altogether until, of course, next year because ‘work simply tires them out’ or because ‘it’s too cold outside’ and I have to say, I am guilty of this.


1. Gym


Swiftly moving on from the gym to another aspect of healthy living we all yearn to address in the New Year. Eating healthier food is another very commonly adopted resolution that is caused by all that reflecting on the past year and I guess, simply remembering the quantity of processed foods you consumed at all those parties over the festive holidays. Eating badly has a huge impact on health and on our moods so it’s wonderful people are aware of that at the beginning of the year. No one’s saying you can’t indulge from time to time but making meals from scratch with plenty of greens instead of buying ready-made food, is really something that everyone should do anyway. Unfortunately, because of our constant on-the-move lifestyles, some people prefer to get something quick so that they can get back to what they were doing before in a hurry, it’s all about buying time. Plus, supermarkets don’t really help by making healthy foods more expensive but it’s all worth it and you’ll feel the difference. This resolution is definitely worth pursuing all year round, as your efforts will end up buying YOU time.

2. Eating


Probably one of the most obvious resolutions ever! We all know someone who has said they will *kick their smoking to the curb and we all know their intentions are genuine but the reality of the situation is a lot more complicated than just wanting to. I mean if the memos and images on the pack don’t put off a smoker then nor will a resolution. Many manage a few days, a week or even two weeks without smoking one cigarette but once stress pops up so does the cigarette and BAM, you’ve fallen into that trap again. You have to recognise the urge to smoke and say no to it. It’s difficult but possible and many have actually succeeded.

3. Smoking


Do you think you spent too much money in 2015? Then you’ve probably listed saving as one of your objectives for this year. In essence, it’s not too difficult and totally achievable given you are able to make time for budgeting every month. Having a separate account for savings might also help if you really can’t control yourself with one account. Just think of what you could buy/do with all the money you save. Did you say a holiday to the Caribbean? … Yes, Please!

4. Save UP


Learning a new language is another very popular resolution. Everyone finds being able to speak another language an awesome skill be it for whatever reason but it’s not an easy chore and many give up before they even give it a chance. When it comes to learning a language, there needs to be real motivation and a true passion behind that desire to push you through the frustrating phases of language learning. You might have all the books ready at your desk for self-study but the best way to stop you from giving up is by joining a class or a group simply because it will keep you focused and you’ll have someone correcting you too. When you learn with people it’s much more fun and you’ll end up keeping each other motivated by the end you guys could even travel to the country of the language you’re learning together to put your hard work into practice!

5. Learning

So not breaking a resolution isn’t easy and perhaps there should really be a resolution that prevents us from breaking resolutions in the first place. Sometimes the pace of life does get in the way but nothing is impossible and of course you always get a second chance at Lent when you can give something up if the New Year’s Resolutions thing didn’t work out. If neither work then there’s always next year!

Glossary:* Kick something/ someone to the curb:  get rid of someone or something as to get it out of your way or life as like disposing refuse that you would set on curb-side.

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