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Pancake Day is coming – be prepared!

Great… but what is it? 

We hired two volunteers to demonstrate to you how might celebrate this day.


The helpful assistance

The helpful assistance


The helpful assistance

The second volunteer


The helpful assistance

Our volunteer just lost his patience


If you are still puzzled about what to do, we will help.

Pancake Day or „Shrove Tuesday” (the Tuesday which falls 41 days before Easter) is the beginning of the Lenten fast. On this day in earlier times all Christians made their compulsory confessions or „shrifts” from which the name „Shrove Tuesday” derives, and took their last opportunity to eat up all the rich foods prohibited during Lent. Thus all eggs, butter and fat remaining in the house were made into pancakes, hence the festival’s usual nickname of Pancake Day.

Pancake Race

Though the strict observance of Lent is now rare, everyone enjoys eating the customary pancakes and some regions celebrate the day with pancake races.  The oldest and most famous is held at Olney in Buckinghamshire. The race is run over 415 yards (about 380 metres) by women over sixteen, wearing a cap and apron. They must „toss” their pancake (flip it over in the frying pan) at least three times during the race. The winner receives a kiss from the Pancake Bell Ringer – church bells were traditionally rung to remind parishioners to come to confession – and a prayer book from the vicar!

If everything goes well during the race…

…and if not… 🙂

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