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5 Free activities to do in Bournemouth this summer

The summer seems to be exceptionally late this year. Fingers cross anyway! And let’s plan what to do when sunshine comes!

Bournemouth is not only a big coastal town on the south coast of England, but its 95miles of coastline is also renowned as the east of Jurassic coast. This gorgeous town is definitely one of the places to visit and offers wide range of activities.

What can you do for free this summer in Bournemouth?

1. Surfing, Windsurfing and Kitesurfing

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Waist-deep waters and long sandy beaches make Dorset country the perfect place to learn or improve your surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing skills. The top 5 places to catch some waves are Kimmeridge Bay, Bournemouth Beach (The Pier and at Southbourne), Highcliffe Beach, Dulston Point and Lyme Regis.


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Open and free to use, this remarkable features on Boscombe Beach offers bouldering challenges with various routes to climb up, down and traverse across. You will find a guide displayed on site, ensuring you have fun and safety both.



Volleyball is energetic, fun and perfect for summer sports. You will find lot of places across Dorset Beach where you can place your court and enjoy it with friends.

4.Cycle Routes


Discovering new places riding a bike always is a good idea. On this website you can find various cycle routes or even walking routes if you like to go on your foot.

5.BBQ party on the beach


What better way to end a summer’s day on the beach than with a BBQ! So you’ll be pleased to know that the beaches of Bournemouth and Poole allow you to do just that. You can have a BBQ on the beach after 6.00pm

Why do some Educational Agencies charge me a fee and others don’t?

Everyday we get the same questions, how do we afford to offer our services* for FREE to our students yet some agencies charge a fee?

Well its simple, we are paid by the institutions that we represent all across the World, initially we have to present to them our business profile and give them excellent references in order for these schools, colleges and Universities to allow us to represent them and send students to them to enrol on their programs.

In addition to this we also work hard to ensure that we are accredited by a reputable agency, for example we are members of English UK, and this backs up that we are experienced, fair and professional educational service providers.

All of the initial work we do for our students is completely FREE for any educational program, Educational agencies only ever get paid if the student enrols on one of the programs offered by our partner schools, colleges and Universities, however if you decide not to go ahead with one of the programs offered World Choice Education still would not charge you for the service provided to you.

This then answers why some agencies do charge, if they have to help lots of students with advise, information, programs matching on all the institutions they represent and invest a lot of time and effort into helping those students and then they do not proceed, they earn nothing!! Maybe these companies have had a lot of students who have not been loyal to them or they prefer to incorporate a small to large fee for the initial help they offer, whatever the reason its entirely up to that agency and also up to that student if they choose to use them.

We are very lucky here at World Choice Education, all of our students show loyalty and a small percentage do not use our services, we also maintain excellent relationships with the institutions that we work with in order to keep us going as a FREE services* educational agency.

So do not be surprised when you hear that we are FREE.

*additional services not related to education may incur a small administration fee, contact us to find out more.

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