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Words to describe the British weather

How often do British people talk about the weather a day? Guess what? According to a research for a BBC newsletter in 2015, 94% of Brits admitted that they mentioned the weather at least once in the last 6 hours! (BBC newsletter; 17 Dec 2015). British weather is well-known for how unpredictable, changeable, and rainy it is all the time It is a common joke to say that you are likely to experience 4 seasons in just one day, especially in the winter!


The weather is one of the most popular subjects in daily life in the UK. Talking about the weather can be more than speaking about a fact of a pure weather condition on a particular day. It is also the best ice-breaker to use on anyone and anywhere. When you meet a stranger at your friend’s party and have no idea what to say, talking about the weather will be the most natural way to start a conversation.

However, if you don’t know any words or expressions to describe the weather today, how would it work? World Choice Education is here to help you with it and to share interesting words that you can use to describe the British weather!

Shall we learn some important words for rain first, as the rain will be the most common topic you will use in the UK?

Apparently, the Inuit have 100 of words to describe snow. Then I would say that British people have 100 words for rain!

raining-cats-and-dogs1.gif‘It’s raining cats and dogs!’

It means that it’s raining very heavily so maybe it feels to the British like some small creatures (fish, cats, dogs, etc) fall down from the sky.

It is pouring down / bucketing down / Chuckling it down / lashing down/ – these all are in similar terms. All these express heavy rain.

Drizzle, as mentioned in the above film (‘The devil wears Prada’), it means very small, light drops (or snow). It is also similar to a light fall / a sprinkling / a flurry.

Lately, we can see a lot of ‘showers’ in the UK especially seeing it is summer. It is an unexpected heavy rain but it only lasts a short period of time. That’s probably the reason that British people don’t usually take an umbrella as they are so used to it! You can also call it a downpour / cloudburst/ deluge / torrent of rain as they all have similar meanings to showers.


There are more words related to rain if you feel like looking into it some more. I’m sure that the more you learn about British weather, the better you’ll enjoy your life in the UK.   

Well, just to highlight how unconventional the British weather is, ask yourselves why we’re still all wearing our jackets in August! Let’s hope the weather gets better on the weekend, without any rain in sight! Do not forget that World Choice Education is here to help you with any inquiries even on a rainy day!! 😉


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