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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

aRecent weeks have seen cities across the UK, including Bournemouth, transform into winter wonderlands. Around two weeks ago, the Christmas Market made a return to Bournemouth town centre and will remain here until January 4th.  The stalls are usually the same every year meaning the famous Moose Bar also made its return to make visitors and locals feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I have never really been to the Moose Bar but I do particularly enjoy its presence especially when the Moose voices something when you’re walking past – this can be rather amusing. I’ve also seen people with really pretty mugs in the shape of a boot that has Bournemouth inscribed and Santa painted on it – this may possibly persuade me to finally go to the Moose Bar for some traditional mulled wine and the boot mug, of course. However, my favourite feature of the market is undoubtedly the small alpine sheds that form the stalls. It’s truly what gives Bournemouth Square that cosy, winter wonderland atmosphere.

bThen last Friday Bournemouth was finally brightened up with that Christmas sparkle after the Christmas lights were switched on. If any of you were in town for the event then you will remember how crazily busy it actually was. It was this that actually made it official – it’s that mad but wonderful time of the year again. Frome now on, Bournemouth will be swarming with shoppers at the weekend who are busy finding the perfect gift for their loved ones. Many of you are probably among these eager shoppers, especially if you’re heading back home to spend Christmas with your own loved ones. Some don’t like the rush of this season but others live off of it – Surely the rush is part of the overall Christmas experience though? If some of you aren’t feeling festive then we at WCE have the perfect way to get you in the spirit and yes, it’s with us!

cUnfortunately, the festive fun at WCE won’t begin this week as planned but we will be holding a DIY Christmas Cracker event next week on Friday 12th December before we all go our separate ways for Christmas. If you want to come and make your own Cracker please join the event here! We thought this would be the perfect event because you can’t get anymore British than pulling a cracker at Christmas plus you will be able to show your family and friends back home your creation. There will also be some Christmas songs and seasonal snacks at the event to feed your creativity. Did you know that this tradition dates back to the mid-nineteenth century? So, it’s been around in the UK for a very long time. A cracker comes in the shape of a large sweet because it is said that the creator was a sweetshop owner and used the idea to promote sweets. Within the next week we will also be releasing a Christmassy WCE video to celebrate everything – you guys, our hard work, the year etc. After all, Christmas/ December is known as a time for reflection and recognition as well as a time of happiness and love. We will keep you posted with more details about the event in the following week and we hope you can join us rockin’ around WCE, letting the Christmas spirit ring! 😉

Study in Winter and Save Money!

study english this winter with World Choice Education

Study English this winter with World Choice Education

After the Christmas season, lots of our students wonder what should I do now? Their working hours are becoming less and less until the Peak Season starts again so it’s their best chance to prepare some certificate, improve their English skills and be ready for when the next peak season starts!

Winter is the best season for you to restart your English studies for several reasons! You might have more free time due to your working hours are reduced so it’s time to focus in what you came here for! Learn English! Didn’t you?

Another good reason is that most of the schools offer great deals for you to study in Off Peak season, so you can save up to 50% in your English Course if you start in January or February!

On the another hand, lots of programs have a set starting date, like the Paid Hospitality programs, which will guaranteed you a paid job in the hospitality industry, that starts in March or April in order to guarantee a placement for you of a minimum of 6 months that should last at least, until the end of the summer season, by October.

There are many reasons of why you should start your English course now and we are in here to help you in everything that you need! World Choice Education can provide you with all the information that you need to study, live or work abroad, totally free of charge! We do not increase our prices, we just give you the accurate information that you need from any requested institution at the minimum price that you are allow to pay in there! Minimum prices are guaranteed if you make your booking with us! Also we will help you with your travel and accommodation arrangement if needed.  

Please contact us  if you would like some information about our winter programs!

Thank you for counting on us, World Choice Education is in here to get your dreams coming true!

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