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Bournemouth, the best place to learn English.

Bournemouth is one of the most cosmopolitan towns in the UK and it is the second most popular destination for language students after London. There must be a reason that the many thousands of people choose here for English courses.

World Choice Education is an educational agency that have been helping students and professionals from all around the world since 2012. We help them to find the best choice for their needs in the UK (English courses, internships, work experience, volunteering opportunities, etc). All of our students say that Bournemouth is the greatest place to come to learn English.


The people

young people bournemouth.jpg

We can call Bournemouth ‘the young city’. It’s full of international students that come here from all parts of the UK, moreover, from all around the world to do a degree or a master degree at Bournemouth University. Even if the university students leave in summer, Bournemouth is always full of people, students that come for learning English come instead. Bournemouth is also one of the popular holiday place for British, where people can enjoy the summer sunshine and the unforgettable view of the sea.


The weather


Yes I said “the sun shine” is glorious in Bournemouth. It does sound unbelievable if you ever heard about the weather in the UK. Doesn’t it? But it’s actually true! We can assure you the weather in Bournemouth is the closest one to the Spanish’s over the UK’s. Well.. maybe we are overstating it. Let’s say it’s the closest to the north Spanish weather at least. That is not that bad, is that? Bournemouth is best known for its stunning coastline, which provides seven glorious miles of beach and safe sea swimming, plus all the water-sports you can imagine.


The beach


Bournemouth’s stunning coastline is full of action all year round as it hosts exciting events and festivals. In August, there is the annual Bournemouth Air Festival, the biggest event of its kind in the world. Offering four days of fantastic flying displays, evening entertainment, shopping and much more. In October Bournemouth lights up with the Arts by the Sea Festival, with ten days of events, installations and experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Also if you love watersports, the beaches in Bournemouth beach offer a wide range of watersports from surfing to sailing, canoeing to coasteering.


The prices


Everyone knows that it costs a lot to live in the UK. But I would say that Bournemouth is cheaper than other places in comparison. The accommodation fee is at least £100 – £200 less than London’s, and transport fee is just a half price. You can also eat out for £10-£15 per person and if you like exercise you can join a gym for just £20 per month or even cheaper.


So if you are thinking of going abroad to learn English you should choose Bournemouth. Whenever you decide to come, you couldn’t ask for a better language stay. Trust me, I tell you from my experience, this is actually my second time being here. Bournemouth is a particularly charming place.



A foodie’s paradise!


The Bournemouth festival event which attracts many people because everyone loves to eat !!! this event is a way to be able to taste new flavours from different countries (Anglophone, hispanophone , francophone, Caribbean etc …).

In addition to this many renowned chefs will be present at the festival. The food and wine festival in Bournemouth s a way to develop the market of tourism as it attracts many visitors to the region.
This year the Bournemouth Street Food & Wine festival will take place
from Friday 17th June to Sunday 26th June. That’s right that’s next week and what’s more is that the festival will be open from 10am – 10pm in Bournemouth Square.

The festival also offers a wide range of entertainment, including cooking masterclasses some of the top local chefs, which will be on during the festival’s first day from 10am – 4pm. If cooking isn’t your thing then you can simply soak up the party atmosphere with a drink at hand while enjoying the up and coming music from local bands or national tribute acts, such as the Garry J Foley is Elvis act on Saturday 18th from 8pm – 10pm. Bounemouth is going to be Rock & Rollin’ it. Having only just had the renowned Christchurch Food and Wine Festival in May, there will be much more food to tantalise your tastebuds with if you didn’t have any time to head over to the Christchurch festival.

gBournemouth Food and Wine festival is now into it’s sixth year, providing tourists and locals with 10 days packed of food eating galore! The aim of the food festival is to promote local produce (don’t miss the 3 day farmers market during the festival’s first week). This festival is also a stage for local businesses to showcase their products. and with the festival attracting as many as 90,000 people to the Squares also creates a new economy for the region and an original and entertaining attractiveness. There is definitely plenty to do in Bournemouth in the summer.

hJust like The Wheel’s Festival last week, there will be plenty for all to do and try. On the first Saturday from 11am to 4pm even local professionals and the Mayor of Bournemouth will have a go at quick-fire cooking, which will be led by Des Burke, the chef and owner from Flavours School of Cookery and judged the public, YOU! The following day at the same, kids will have the opportunity to get their fingers into some cooking. This festival definitely sounds like it will be good fun, yummy and surely a great way to practise your English intergrate with the locals!!! Anyway, check out the full schedule by clicking on the link:



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