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June 2017
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Sport and party to enjoy the weekend.

For everyone who likes outdoor activities and sport… Here you have Bournemouth 7’s!

This edition will be hold on 26th, 27th and 28th of May, and it will host 400 teams & 5,000 competitors participating in Rugby, Netball, and Hockey & Dodge ball Cups. Be ready!!

In addition to this… the biggest party of the year is on its way! With the Biggest Bar in Europe and unbeatable Fancy Dress!


But Firstly a bit of  history: Known as the Sporting Glastonbury, Bournemouth 7s became famous amongst sportspeople and young people looking for a festival alike! The festival began in the midst of an economic downturn in 2008, It was a considerable risk but fortunately from that moment on, the economy grew.

With numerous awards under its belt, the festival now attracts over 30,000 party people and almost 400 sports teams to Bournemouth over the late May Bank Holiday weekend. The 12 Festival Arenas welcome over 40 live acts and DJs who combine to create a unique festival atmosphere which truly sets Bournemouth 7s apart from the crowd!

This will be the 10th anniversary and they are coming with new things such as: New Arenas, a New Vets Cup (Over 35s) and much more!

Those looking for the finer things in life will find a V.VIP Lounge & VIP Arena, packed with Sporting Celebrities enjoying pitch side views. Glamping options are available for those wanting a pop-up Hotel Experience.

With a Cocktail Bar, Garage Tent, Cider Garden and Dance Music until 1am, there really is something for everyone. It’s the perfect all-in-one weekend package for any Hen or Stag Do.

One of the main attractions for young people as it’s a combination between Sporting action & Festival atmosphere.

This could be your chance to meet people from everywhere while you are enjoying the festival vibe!


Let’s get silly for Red Nose Day

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 16.29.39.pngHow does it feel to help? How does it feel to give a child something to eat? How does it feel to help a whole village with medical resources? Red Nose Day and all the donors probably know how it feels. What better thing to do than to help others?
In this day and age, there are still a lot of people on this planet who are hungry or don’t have enough life-saving vaccines, can’t go to school or have mental health problems. These issues are widespread and cover various corners of the world.

Comic Relief is a British charity, which has been operating since 1985 and was founded by two comedians to address the issue of hunger in Ethiopia. As its main fundraising event, the charity set up Red Nose Day and the charity held its first Red Nose Day just a few years after in 1988. The Red Nose Day happens in different countries and is raising a lot of money for over 1000 projects in the world. For instance, the US hosted its second Red Nose Day last year and raised a staggering $34million and Belgium had their first Red Nose Day in December just gone and raised 3.8 million Euros. Later this year China will also be hosting its very first Red Nose Day on June 1st.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 16.31.14.pngThis event happens for one day every two years and last time in 2015 the event’s show on the BBC alone raised a MONUMENTAL £78million. However there are other ways that Comic Relief promotes Red Nose Day and the most well-known is through the sales of the Red Nose which you can order on their website or buy from Sainsbury’s or Oxfam for just £1. There are other bits and bobs you can buy to help raise funds such as pens, fluffy toys and even food with red nose day packaging. If you’re a fan of PG Tips Tea or like your share of Maltesers then you’ve probably noticed that their packaging has Red Nose Day stamped on it – both brands will be donating a substantial amount to the cause.

So what are the causes that Red Nose Day helps towards? Red Nose Day raises money to help those in need not just in the UK but in Africa too by funding projects aimed at *tackling these problems. One project is raising awareness of mental health issues and breaking up the stigma that surrounds it. Did you know that young people in the UK have the poorest mental wellbeing in the world, with the exception of Japan? Shocking isn’t it? Yet not many of us would believe it – why? Because we’re not aware of it and consequently not many sufferers will feel comfortable speaking out about it. Some of the money raised will go towards awareness and providing the right kind of support for sufferers not to mention it will see to it that sufferers receive the correct treatment as there is a shortage of treatment in this area.

Another cause that Red Nose Day is dedicated to is Domestic Violence. According to Comic Relief, the police receive around 100 distress calls every hour about domestic violence this is why in 2003, Comic Relief helped to establish the National Domestic Violence Helpline for victims to call and seek out help.
Red Nose Day is also the first major grant maker to focus on supporting disabled people to speak up for themselves. They speak up for elder people who are abused, and they try to help homeless people in the UK to leave streets and find suitable accommodation. It’s scary that the number of people sleeping rough is on the rise every year. In Africa, Red Nose Day helps raise money to provide many African children with life-saving vaccinations. So far Red Nose Day has helped vaccinate and save 860,000 children. That is where your money could go and it feels good, doesn’t it? Comic Relief is also helping fight Malaria, they calculate that since 2000 the malaria death rates have fallen by 71% – amazing!
So Comic Relief isn’t just about changing lives but about saving them too! So come and join in on the fun with us on Friday at 3:30pm and help raise funds for this cause. In 2015, WCE and its students at the time raised £17 towards the cause – every little helps after all! See you all tomorrow for some competitive laughs! ☺

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