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After Lent begins Holy Week, a Christian feast in which the death and resurrection of Christ is commemorated. In England, Holy Week is better known as Easter. Easter is celebrated in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The party includes Holy Thursday, and lasts until Easter Monday, a holiday in England, along with Good Friday. It is a celebration that goes back to pagan times and that the English continue to remember with some very popular Easter traditions.

If you want to enjoy these days in England, you can enjoy some of its traditions, among which we can find several, such as:

Easter games

egg raceOne of the oldest traditions in the UK is the famous “Egg Roll”. After Easter Mass on the Monday, the children come together to go down hills rolling decorated eggs. The first one who arrives without losing the egg wins a chocolate prize. The best-known game of this type in the country takes place in the park of Avenham, in the city of Preston.

Other places where this event is also held, is at Penrith Castle, in the Bunker Hills of Derby and also at Arthur’s Seat, at the top of the city of Edinburgh. We can find another game that is very similar to this called the Easter Egg Hunt. For this, children have to find hidden eggs. This Easter activity is celebrated in various parks and gardens belonging to palaces and castles.

Decorating Easter eggs

decorated easter eggMany families in England spend Easter Monday painting and decorating eggs to show off their artistic skills. The event “Big Egg Hunt” of the Lindt chocolates, hire different artists to decorate with extravagant drawings, 101 gigantic eggs, which they exhibit in Convent Garden in London. For Easter they hide in several cities of the country and the first one to find it remains.

This event’s funds are raised for the most needy children through the Action for Children association. Participants who are searching must find Humpty Dumpty and follow the instructions. With this they enter a contest with up to 100 prizes giving you a year supply of Lindt chocolate.The eggs are made of fibreglass and measure about 80 centimetres high, and are designed with images of famous childhood characters such as Minnie Mouse, Peppa Pig, Spongebob etc.

Traditional buns

hotcrossbuns_397_16x9If you want to spend Holy Week in the UK, you will find the tasty Hot Cross Buns. Currently they can be found throughout the year, but they were served for the first time on Good Friday, they are very sweet and soft and have a distinctive cross on it. We leave you an old rhyme that the children used to sing while preparing these sweets:  Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns! One a penny, two a penny, Hot cross buns! If you have no daughters, Give them to your sons, One to penny, two to penny, Hot cross buns.

Trying these is a must for those with a sweet-tooth!


  • Horse Harness Parade: In London there is a historical parade, which brings together a variety of races, from donkeys to heavy horses.


  • Food and Drink Festival in Chester: The city of Chester on the border with Wales, takes advantage of the long weekend to celebrate its annual food and drink festival. Almost 30,000 spectators join each year to taste typical dishes of these dates, with events, contests and cooking workshops for children.


  • Fair Tournament at the Royal Arsenals in Leeds: The city of Leeds travels back in time to the medieval era, during Holy Week. The Armor Museum (Royal Armories) organizes several live tournaments, between men disguised with armor as medieval knights, fighting with swords, mounted on horseback. The event ends on Easter Monday with a medieval parade, followed by the grand finale, between the two best knights.


  • “Planet Thanet” Beer Festival: What better way to celebrate Easter than by sampling 200 types of beers, either in barrels or bottled and apple and pear cider, in the coastal town of Margate?



Top 8 haunted places in the UK (and Bournemouth!)

Hey guys, Halloween is coming the end of this week! Any plans at all? Hot parties at clubs? Making spooky costumes with friends? Watching old horror films over the night? Or baking gross shaped cup cakes with your family which is my favourite!

Well, you all probably know the things above I have just mentioned. So, I would like to suggest a fresh thing to do this Halloween which is ‘Exploring haunted places’.

Did you know that there are hundreds of haunted places in the UK, including the world’s famous one ‘Borley Rectory’. As Halloween this year is coming very soon, I suggest that 10 of the world’s most haunted places to visit for the day for your special experience on Halloween while you are in the UK. Please note that I get these most of information from

1. Borley Rectory, Essex (the most haunted house in England)

Haunted places in the UK - Halloween
This house was built in 1863 on the site of an old monastery. It was burnt to the ground in 1939, however it got well known as being the most haunted house after a loads of unexplained paranormal goings on reported.

One of the earliest sighting was a nun. The nun has been seen and heard several times throughout the years. According to local folklore, a nun from a nearby nunnery fell in love with a monk from the monastery, and the couple attempted to elope together. They were ground and sentenced to death. The monk was reported to have been sent to the gallows in the monastery whilst the nun was sealed into the walls of the nunnery alive. This nun is believed that she is still looking for the monk in the hope of running away together again.

But she seemed to be most active during the time in Harry Bull. This Harry Bull is the background of the film <The Conjuring>.

Haunted places in the UK - Halloween

Anyway, the next most significant of reports come from Eric Smith and his wife. The first documented paranormal activity was in the early 1900’s when the owner, Eric Smith and his wife contacted Daily Mirror newspaper to report “the strange goings on.”. They reported mysterious footsteps, doorbells ringing of their own accord, and poltergeist activities.

The next residences of the house were Rev.Foyster and his wife Marianne. They both were to continue to experience the same phenomena that the other people witnessed before, but the poltergeist activity seemed to become more aggressive with reports of smashed glasses, broken windows, and Marianne being thrown from her bed by an unseen force. The couple was to also experience otherworldly messages on the walls, which defied any logical reason like other reports.

After 5 years, the Foysters left the house leaving the Daily Mirror newspaper team to continue their study. And a full account of what they experienced was published in the book ‘The Most Haunted House in England’.

2. Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire (Currently the Most haunted house in Britain)

Haunted places in the UK - Halloween

Many people believe that Ancient Ram Inn is the most haunted house in Britain. The inn was once owned by the St.Mary’s Church when it was first built. Because of the reported spectres seen in the inn, it has been investigated by various paranormal researchers.  It has been featured in various television shows, such as Most Haunted and the US series ‘Ghost Adventures’.

The house itself is said to have been the location of many sinister happenings, including child sacrifice, suicide, black magic rituals and was also used as a hideout by criminals. The current owner, John Humphries believes that he shares his home with all sorts of spooks – two demons, a witch, orbs and other ghostly presences, and many people who have visited the property have described it as the ‘scariest place’ they’ve ever been to.

One popular legend surrounding the Ancient Ram Inn is that of the witch burned at the stake. She was burned at the stake in the 1500s.  A lot of people believe that the woman’s spirit still haunts one of the rooms of the house to this day. It is believed that the woman took refuge in one of the rooms of the house before she was captured and killed.  Today, that room is called “The Witch’s Room”.

One of the most haunted rooms in the entire inn is called “The Bishop’s Inn”. The room is found on the first floor of the house. When the inn was still a bed and breakfast, a lot of guests would not want to sleep in the room. Some who did sleep ended up fleeing in the middle of the night. It is said that the ghost of a monk haunts the room on a regular basis.

The ghost of a centurion on horseback has also been spotted. It is said that the plumber who saw the apparition was startled out of his wits when the apparition went straight through the wall. There is also talk of a succubus which creeps into the beds of sleeping visitors.

3. Pendle Hill, Lancashire

Haunted places in the UK - Halloween

Pendle Hill has a notorious reputation for being a place where twelve accused witches lived in the 17th century. These twelve supposed witches were accused of murdering ten people. They figured prominently in what is known as the Lancashire witch trials.  Ten were found guilty and executed by hanging. The history of the witch trials has given the place an eerie atmosphere, and several terrifying reports.

Pendle Hill is notorious for its history in witchcraft and worshipping the devil. There are various tours in the area today which trace the witches from their arrest to their execution. The Pendle Hill witches are said to still haunt the buildings and the villages. Visitors have reported feeling anger when visiting the grounds. Local people even fear discussing the events that went on during the witch trial.

Over the years, Pendle Hill has been featured in the show “Most Haunted” among several other TV shows and ghost tours. Members of the television crew reported being hurt; some even said that they were strangled by unseen hands. The medium (Derek Acorah) reported being in contact with Elizabeth Device, one of the accused witches. Elizabeth told them that there were nine more spirits in the room and none of the spirits wanted the crew present.

4. Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon

Haunted places in the UK - Halloween

The castle is said to be the abode of various spectres. A number of ghostly phenomena and ghostly sightings have been reported in the castle. Some of the most reported apparitions in the castle are that of the Blue Lady and the White Lady.

The White Lady is the restless soul of Margaret Pomeroy. She haunts the dungeons of St. Margaret’s Tower and has been seen waving to visitors. She was held captive in the castle dungeons by her own sister, Eleanor, because of jealousy and starved to death in the dungeons.

The Blue Lady lures people into various parts of the castle and gets them lost. People believe that she is the ghost of the daughter of one of the Norman castle lords. She was raped by her father and became pregnant with his baby. Her father strangled the child in one of the rooms of the castle. Other tales say that it was she who strangled the child. She has become the death portent of the Seymours.

People have witnessed strange lights in the castle. Voices have been heard and cold spots in the castle have been reported too. There are also the apparitions of a lady wearing a gray dress and a Cavalier, as well as ghostly shadows.

5. Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire

Haunted places in the UK - Halloween - woodchester_mansion

It used to be known as Spring Park. During the middle of construction, the building was abandoned. Although it appears complete from the outside, the floors, plaster and rooms are missing on the inside.  It has been like so since the 1870s. This Gothic mansion is said to be the home of many ghosts.

The haunted reputation of Woodchester Mansion has led it to be featured in several ghostly television programs. It has been featured in Most Haunted Life in 2003 and then again in 2005. It has also been featured in Hauntings and Ghost Hunters International.  Several sightings have been reported over the last two hundred years.

In 1902, a vicar was reported to have seen a strange apparition at the mansion’s gates.  A phantom horseman has also been seen on the mansion’s drive. It is said that the Mansion itself is the epicentre of all the haunting happening in the area. There is the Tall Man of the Chapel which has been seen many times and the elemental in the house’s cellar. The Mansion is said to be the home of some of the scariest ghosts in the United Kingdom.

Visitors have collapsed and have been attacked by the ghostly dwellers of the mansion. There is a floating head which has been seen by many visitors in one of the bathrooms. There is also the spectre of the old woman who likes to attack female visitors by grabbing them in the dark. It is said that the reason why the mansion is haunted is because it stands on the site of the three previous buildings which are also haunted.

The mansion has its own chapel and satanic rituals have been reported in the chapel. People have reported hearing a woman singing an Irish folk song in the scullery. The ghost of a young girl has been seen several times playing and running up and down the stairs of the mansion’s first floor.

Now, I would like to recommend top 3 haunted places near Bournemouth and Poole where should be very close to you to visit or even walk by… Please note that I get this information from

6. Wimborne: Knowlton Church

Haunted places in the UK - Halloween

On the outskirts of Wimborne, Knowlton Church is regarded as one of the most haunted places in the county. Known for its ruined Norman Church, Neolithic rings and pagan relics, paranormal investigators have recorded sightings of unexplained phenomena and even those who don’t believe in ghosts have had weird experiences.

There have been spooky sightings of a cloaked figure with a blue sheen at the 14th century deserted church, as well as people reporting centurion like figures, a woman kneeling outside the church, the sound of fighting and, most commonly, a man or men on horseback who visibly rides through the church as if it was not there.

Others claim there is a strange feeling as you approach the church – one dogwalker said his pet stopped, started barking and backed away from the sight in broad daylight.

Rumours have it that Knowlton Church is still used for ceremonies, with tales of black and white magic.

Beside the B3078, north of Wimborne Minster, a coffin has been seen lying on the verge. It is believed to be the coffin of a farmer who committed suicide by hanging himself in a barn nearby.

7. Poole: Crown Hotel, King Charles pub

Haunted places in the UK - Halloween - Poole,The_King_Charless

As you’d expect from a town of its years, Poole is home to a plethora of traditional pubs and ancient buildings, which have been standing since the days of smugglers – the architecture is stunning and the old cobbled streets are said to be haunted.

In the Old Town area, The Crown Hotel is famously host to several spooky goings on, such as lights turning on and off and the ghostly sound of a piano being played in the former stables.

The venue is said to have been the home to two children who were locked up by a parent who was too embarrassed to let them run around and play in front of other people, and who now let their protests be heard in the form of crying and yelling.

There have also been sightings of a ghost at the King Charles pub on Poole Quay, as well as the sound of disembodies footsteps and a young female voice.

In the nearby high street, in the former Daily Echo building, a ghost by the name of Mr Jenkins was frequently spotted rudely pushing past people on the stairs.

Other haunted buildings include Custom House on the quay, the Guildhall and the waters at Poole Harbour, where bells have been heard ringing at night.

8. Bournemouth: Langtry Manor Hotel

Haunted places in the UK - Halloween - Langtry-Manor

Bournemouth is said to be home to “younger ghosts”, including the ghosts of a soldier wearing a Second World War uniform and a horse which both haunt the Town Hall.

One of the town’s most haunted buildings is the Langtry Manor Hotel, built by Edward VII for his mistress, Lillie Langtry.

The hotel is believed to be haunted by Lillie’s ghost, which has reportedly appeared to both guests and staff in the form of a grey shadow.

Footsteps, moving items and voices have also been experienced.

If you dare to visit these places above, please be careful and bring your own an amulet to avert evils. Well, I am so brave enough, so that looking and reading these places doesn’t make me scared at all. Well, but I might sleep next to my parents’ room tonight. Because, you know, just in case…

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