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World Choice Education is a UK based limited company which has recruited the best experienced agents and is run by two experienced directors who have established themselves in the UK education market working with many top universities and language schools.

All of our staff have come from either working independently as agents or worked for other agencies in the UK or elsewhere in the world and now work under the umbrella of World Choice Education only.

The core of our business is to introduce international students to the UK and other worldwide destinations which include the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and China to study at a University or a Language School.

Our mission is:

  • To give students advice and guidance on the most relevant training and academic courses available in the UK and USA
  • To be fully informed about our partner institutions so as to ensure students can make the best decisions on where to study in the UK & USA
  • To assist with VISA applications, clearly explaining all legal restrictions to students
  • To attend and hold student and representative fairs in the UK and the countries we cover
  • To arrange suitable accommodation for students when necessary
  • To provide advice and guidance about studying away from home in another country.
  • To ensure that all schools and Universities are kept up to date with progress on student’ applications.

We currently work in the following countries, and have staffs who divide their time between these countries and our UK office.


Middle East  

South America



We can provide face-to-face support for students, language schools and University representatives in the UK, and also support students in their home countries.

The Bournemouth office is led by a native British business development manager who has worked with language schools in Bournemouth, and universities across the UK for many years. Coming from a recruitment background, they provide the relationship building skills needed to maintain high standards when working with students, representatives and businesses, and a wealth of experience in managing applications for language schools and Universities from A-level through to PhD levels.

Our other director is a Spanish Marketing and Sales Professional, with a solid background of work experience in different sectors, such as Education, Tourism and Hospitality. She has been working at a language school for a year in Bournemouth, as Marketing Manager and responsible for working with all international agents in coordinating the arrivals of the students into a local Bournemouth Language School, as well as assisting in all areas of University and Language Schools applications through to offer, acceptance and enrolment for the business which has a sister company being an International language school and agency in the heart of Bournemouth. She also has previous background experience as an Event Manager and teacher of Professional courses and has built the skills for working with the highest standards of quality for the business.

All of our other agents have been educated in the UK to a degree standard and we have taken them on under the umbrella of WCE to represent their country due to their sales skill and experience of dealing with students wanting to study in the UK or other worldwide destinations.

We also have permanent representatives in several countries to help deliver our core services.

I do hope that this information will help you gain a clear idea of what we can offer, and that we can become a recognised agent for your organisation.

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