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Restaurants in the UK can be a little too expensive for a lot of students. That’s why many international students who live on their own here instead of staying with host families, they choose to cook for themselves most of the time. But the thing is that there is too much choice when it comes to grocery shopping, and it can sometimes leave you confused with where to go! Well, I bet you would love to avoid buying an apple for 5 pounds or not being able to find a vegetable just because you don’t know what it’s called! Have a read of this post to ensure you succeed your first grocery shopping trip in a supermarket in the UK!

1. Supermarkets in Bournemouth.

I would like to introduce a few of the most popular supermarkets in Bournemouth in the order of their prices (most expensive to cheapest) according to personal experience some may have different opinions. Anyway they are as follows:

Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, M&S (Marks & Spencer) > ASDA, Tesco, The Co-operative food > Aldi, Lidl > Poundland/ 99p Stores

I would say that you can get high quality products from supermarkets like Waitrose and M&S if you can comfortably afford to do so. However sometimes you can get exactly same products from Aldi or Lidl for a much lower price! So is it really worth spending all that money? What I do is that I go on their websites first so that I can compare the rates before I go for shopping. But you may also need to think about the distance from your place, as nobody wants to carry massively heavy shopping bags for a thousand miles! Remember sometimes the smaller supermarkets near to yours, such as Tesco Express or Tesco Metro or Sainsbury’s Local, will often be pricier than the larger versions of these stores. If you can try to do your bigger shops at a larger supermarket to get your money’s worth – they will often have a lot more offers and other kinds of bargains.

2. What’s it called? (Vs AMERICAN veggies)

Let’s learn some of vegetable names. I am pretty sure that you probably know a lot of vegetables in English already. But do you know the British or American English veggie name?

1) Courgette (British) VS Zucchini (American)

supermarkets 1

2) Aubergine (British) VS Eggplant (American)

supermarkets 2

3) Rocket (British) VS Arugula (American)

supermarkets 3

4) Coriander (British) VS Cilantro (American)

supermarkets 3

5) Swede (British) VS Rutabaga (American)

supermarkets 4

6) Spring onion (British) VS Scallion (American) (*Leak is a completely different veg the bigger one!)

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 11.33.35

  • These are spring onions.

supermarkets 6

  • These are leeks.

7) Beetroot (British) VS Beets (American)

supermarkets 7

3. Are you a vegetarian or vegan?

  supermarkets 8

– Shopping for groceries in the UK as a vegetarian or vegan is not too difficult in my experience as supermarkets nowadays have food products for those who have special dietary needs. Vegetables are normally priced of course and you normally have more to choose from at bigger supermarkets. Moreover, dairy products for vegans and gluten-free ingredients are also available at most supermarkets, although this will be a little more expensive to normal food. You will also have smaller independent shops that sell such products but normally they are more expensive to than supermarket. 

You can easily buy veggie sausages, quorn chicken and quorn mince and veggie burgers (all frozen) in most of the shops mentioned at the start of this post. 

If you look for more vegetarian stuff or unfrozen ones, I recommend Sainsbury’s or Waitrose or M&S. You may need to pay little more than the other shops though. In those shops, you can find Falafels, meat free chicken nuggets, meat free bacon style slices, Veggie ham, meat free fillets, Meat free chicken slices, Meat free steak, and veggie pies, etc. Yummy!!!

4. Are you a meat eater? Me too!

supermarkets 9

If you are a meat eater, you must enjoy many different types of meat. Let’s see what cuts you can buy in the UK.

First, here are the pork cuts in the UK and America.

uk pork cuts 1.jpgus-pork-cuts.jpg

– You can buy Loin, shoulders, belly, legs easily in any of those shops above, and if you need other cuts, you can find them in more expensive shops or your local butchers!

Here are beef cuts in the UK and America.



As you can see, there are different names and cuts of beef more than pork cuts between America and the UK. It wouldn’t be bad at all if you can familiarize yourself with both names as you might be traveling to both countries in the near future!

And here is the most important shopping tip. Do not go shopping when you are hungry! We all have been there at least once! Do not follow your “Stomach clock”, instead, every supermarket’ branches run different opening times depending on the areas, weekends, bank holiday, etc. So please check it online before to not get disappointed and to not waste your time. 

supermarkets 9


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