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Snap General Elections?

The United Kingdom situation is a bit complicated since the Brexit affair beginning. United Kingdom general elections should have taken place on 2020 but Prime Minister Theresa May called for snap General Elections so they take place this Thursday 8th June 2017 (AKA today!!!).


Three years ahead… why ?

Theresa May said that the United Kingdom needs this now because now is the opportunity to make a difference, while EU accept to negotiate, and before entering at the heart of negotiations. She has the will to reinforce the conservative polls majority toward the Brexit negotiation. She wants a steady leadership to get the best agreements for  the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, the conservative party has one little problem: some MPs may be prosecuted for they spent a lot during their electoral campaign for the “battle buses” and hotels in 2015 and they entered these expenses into the party’s national expenses return. But they are suspected of abuse knowingly filing false election expenses and violation of the strict local spending limits. So if they fail it may turn to Labour’s advantage.

But then… who would be the favourite?

Initially, according to the opinion polls the conservative party have an advantage of 24 points. The Conservative leader “start out the winning party”, but maybe too much… Finally this advantage decreased to become 6 and the situation of the Labour party is starting to get better than before. Jeremy Corbyn has gained the young population’s and the left-winged votes.

By the way, during the remote duel organized Monday, May 29, live on Sky News and Channel Four.

Mr. Corbyn appeared in great shape while the Prime Minister had to face questions and comments from intransigent interviewers. The journalist Jeremy Paxman described her as a “boaster who skedaddles at the first shot”. As for Rod Liddle, who was a columnist for the conservative weekly The Spectator, he went further, daring to say that “Theresa May has the warmth, humour, oratorical agility and charm of a freezer Indesit badly connected (…) filled with crunchy pancakes from Findus in decay “. [read more on]

Ouch… that doesn’t look too good for Mrs May!

Did Theresa May have a good idea? Will she regret it? For the moment everything is going wrong compared to what she had planned. Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity is growing whereas she has to face reproaches, criticisms, accusations.


With which campaign promises?

The Labour leader proclaims “the program of hope” which speaks of the end of austerity, the nationalisation of railways, investment in schools and hospitals and the banning of Zero-hour contracts which increases his current popularity with young people. Not the same holds for the Conservative leader who has had to put a bit aside her promise to tax inheritance to fund the dependency of the elderly due to unpopularity.

What about the Brexit?

The positions of these two leaders are not entirely clear.

Before the June 23, 2016 referendum Theresa May campaigned against Brexit saying it was bad for the UK so now the journalists are bound to search for her current position and she sometimes passes through rather difficult times, I find  it at once a bit worrying but fairly funny. For example, during an interview the ruthless Jeremy Paxman was seeking an answer about her opinion asking her if she had changed her mind. What is amusing is that she dodges the question 6 times (yeah, I counted) and it become worrying because she is supposed to bring the Brexit into force… how could it be possible of her not to agree with it?

As for Jeremy Corbyn, he was not in favour of Brexit. But he told he will accept what the people of Great Britain have chosen. Actually he doesn’t talk too much about this because it is a delicate subject. Nevertheless, he also, dodges the question 5 times (in competition with M. Theresa maybe) from BBC about the Brexit upholding if he become prime minister… It still strange although he called for an EU exit that preserves jobs and industry and improves the country’s economy.

So the battle is clear? Will Conservatives keep control or will Labour finally regain their power? It will probably be another tight race and who knows we might be in for another surprise!

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