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Bournemouth stepping up its game

In 1800 the only regular visitors of Bournemouth were a few fishermen, turf cutters and gangs of smugglers. Through the years Bournemouth population rose and it quickly became a holiday-destination for affluent and invalid people. Today a lot of young students come to stay inBournemouth to learn the language or study at the University. But the town centre still reflects its olden days. Bournemouth town centre is a clutter of irregular sizes of houses, curvy streets and uneven topography.


At the moment six major construction projects are underway. Bournemouth is going to be recreated. The future dreams are to develop the town centre so that more artists have the chance to express themselves and also to make additional potential landmarks like how churches or the Camera Obscura café are, to make the skyline more vivid.

The town’s reinvention will create more space for conferences, exhibitions and corporate events, attracting small start-up businesses.

The money set aside for such projects will also be invested in the Seafront and the Universities of Bournemouth. BHlive is a well-known organisation and includes everything from food, fitness and events to experience package to visiting delegates and members of the public.


The very visible BH2 Leisure Complex was funded by the council as a motive to give tourists more incentive to come to Bournemouth. It also provides locals with more leisure activities, regardless if they are young or old. The Complex is set to open early this year (i.e. soon!!!) mr-bean-eatingbut construction workers are still busy getting it ready for visitors. However, some of you will have noticed that a few restaurants in the new complex are already open, like TGI Fridays. Other restaurants opening in the complex are: Nando’s, Chiquitos, Joe’s Kitchen and Handmade Burger Co., Las Iguanas, Prezzo, Coast to Coast, Bella Italia, Ask Italian and Frankie and Benny’s.


After almost 100 years of providing locals and visitors with cinematic experiences, The ODEON and ABC cinemas on Westover Road have now relocated to the BH2 Leisure Complex. The new ODEON includes 10 cinema screens and will be open from tomorrow so you can watch all the latest flicks out!


If you’re a driver, you will notice that it’s almost impossible to find a parking space in Bournemouth at the weekend. However, this Complex will also feature a 175 space parking bay to give drivers more peace of mind when it comes to parking up at the weekends.

Despite the long line-up of highstreets eateries, the BH2 Leisure Complex also promises to have a few shops! Thankfully for the ladies – it’s not all about the food but we’re definitely going to be spoilt for choice. Bournemouth will undoubtedly attract lots of foodies!

All in all it will be a perfect new place to meet people and spend your free time with friends… INDOORS, sheltered from any cold/bad weather. The Complex is also next door to our current office so we as well as our taste buds are also really excited to finally explore this £50 million project in the near future.

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