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Daily Archives: October 5, 2016

A splash of colour to brighten up Bournemouth after the summer

Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival comes to the town from 8th to 15th of October. In this sixth edition, the festival full of light and colour will fill the most emblematic venues of Bournemouth with music, dance and visual arts. For a week you can enjoy many performances from both local and international artists.

With more than 50 different events, the festival will light up any autumn day in the city with spectacular performances of dance, film, music, visual art, literature, theatre, comedy and more. Utilising some of Bournemouth’s best places and spaces from the traditional to the unexpected.

Here you have a sample of performances or displays on the six elements that you’ll be able to enjoy at the Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival: air, light, dark, water, earth, fire and dark.

Air: Lance Moi en L’Air by Joli Vyann. This performance blurs the boundaries of dance, theatre and circus to showcase the sensitivity and connection between two people.

Light: Garden of Neptune. This activity immerses you in art, along to the LED throwies event.

Water: Jellish by Thingumajig. Inspired by the depths of the ocean. They transform the Lower Gardens into a magical world.

Earth: Bournemouth Natural Science Society and Museum open weekend. Visitors can explore unusual collections from insects to the solar system or learn about the Romans and dinosaurs.

Fire: Sea of freaks torch lit procession then Inferno by Walk the Plank. Pyrotechnic group will be bringing the heat, throwing sparks and flames metres into the air and leading the unmissable parade to the seafront where it will culminate with a fire-ball stage to begin Inferno.

Dark: Fiers a Cheval by Compagnie des Quidams. This company will bring their stunning exhibition show to the seafront. Their performance will see the creation of a dreamlike atmosphere through music, image and characters transforming into luminous horses to battle the darkness.


For full details of the events, performances and activities, visit:

Information obtained from and BH life magazine.

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