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Last week we posted some of our “LIVING IN THE UK” videos. This week… More of them!

Why did we start recording the  “LIVING IN THE UK” videos? When you move to another country everything is different: the culture, the people, the food and your life.

Stepping outside your comfort zone is not something easy to do, but it’s something that everyone one should do, at least, once in your life. When you live in a foreign country you expand your world of vision, you meet a lot of different people, you learn other ways of doing things.

A lot of things that you will learn will be amazing and another ones won’t be, but we at World Choice Education go by the saying: “You should see the good side in everything and if you can’t, then see the funny side”. So, this was the main reason behind the creation of the  “LIVING IN THE UK” vines, we wanted to make  parodies of what we find different, it doesn’t mean bad or good, just different, compared with what we are used to. Showing you the funny side to life in England and how we should take difficulties we encounter light-heartedly because they’re part of the adjustment process.

We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we did when we recorded them!

  1. LIVING IN THE UK: Cuando llega el momento de solicitar el National Insurance Number


2. LIVING IN TH UK: Cuando encuentras tu primer trabajo en Inglaterra


3. LIVING IN THE UK: Cuando te preguntas por qué no te llamaron de aquella entrevista…


4. LIVING IN THE UK: Cuando te enfrentas a las diferentes puertas de Inglaterra


5. LIVING IN THE UK: Cuando llega el momento…y no sabes si tirar o empujar



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