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When you move to another country, you will find lots of differences from your home country. Some of these differences you will like of them and others you won’t, but you have to deal with them and what is the best way to do so? … With humour. That’s why a few months ago, we started to record some videos about what life is like in the UK and they’ve been quite a success thanks to the creative minds behind the storyboards and of course, our wonderful Raul and Marta who should win the next Academy Awards for Acting.

As you know, World Choice Education helps students and young professionals to study, work and live in England, and it is also made up of a team of a young Spanish professionals who one day decided to immigrate just like you. In the LIVING IN THE UK vines we combined our own experiences in this foreign country as well as our student’s ones.


1. LIVING IN THE UK: Cuando vives en Inglaterra y crees que tienes todo el día por delante…


2. LIVING IN THE UK: Cuando llega el momento de lavar los platos…


3. LIVING IN THE UK: Cuando acabas de llegar y olvidas que los coches vienen por el otro lado…


4. LIVING IN THE UK: Cuando acabas de llegar y preguntas por una dirección


5. LIVING IN THE UK: Cuando vuelves a Inglaterra después de Navidad


We hope you have enjoyed the videos. If you can’t wait to watch more of them, just click in the link below:

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