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Some steps you should follow before moving to England


Knowing exactly why you are moving and making a plan is very important before moving to England, or even any other foreign country. Write down a list of what you are looking for as a starting point to focus your research on. The more detailed and accurate your plan is, the greater your chances of success will be. Preparation is everything!



Once you have done your list, it is the moment to start the first search. If your main reason to move is improve your English, you should search online for where the best places are to learn English (this means the place with less people that speak your own language). How can I know this? Visiting blogs and having a look at the reviews. Then you should do a search about the schools that are in the city, town…where you have decided to move, to have an idea about what you will find and what matches your goals more. However, if you are looking for a job, first of all, you should visit some popular jobs searching pages in the UK and have a look at what fields have more demand and where. Many opt for jobs in the hospitality field as they are not as demanding with your level of English, and you will most certainly find a job in this field wherever you go in the UK.




Once you have already chosen a place, it’s the moment to know a bit more about the future life that is awaiting you. Read reviews about your new city or town, search what kind of thing you can do there, what places you could visit…I like to have some information about the countries, counties, cities or towns where I will travel to before arrive there.



Now it’s time to find accommodation. My advice is don’t book anything long term until you arrive in England. To be honest, in the UK the flats aren’t in the greatest of conditions especially if you want something cheap, of course you can find really good ones with a bit of luck, but the prices are usually too high. I’m talking about a normal price flat. Then, you should book a few nights in a hotel, hostel or wherever you want, but just a few nights and once you arrive in England look for your accommodation then, having the choice to visit the rooms, flats or houses…

Another option is to live with a host family. If you want to learn English quickly this one will be the best choice. What is a host family? A British family that accommodates you. You will learn how English people live, finding out more about their culture and talking in English all the time.



As you will see, I love to make lists, I think it is an easy way to not forget anything and have everything organised. Then what’s my advice? Make a list of what you want to bring with you.

Essential things you shouldn’t forget:

  1. Passport and ID: I recommend you bring both forms of identifications, because if you lose one you will have the other one. Fix your problems before they will appear. Not to mention the fact that the British tend to prefer passports as forms of ID.

  2. Adapter: Remember that in The UK the have different kind of plugs! The British have to be different

  3. Umbrella or raincoat (OF COURSE!)

  4. Some pounds, but not too much. It’s cheaper buy by card that change money before you get an English bank account

  1. An unblocked phone, where you can insert the company sim card that you prefer.

  1. Warm winter clothes or should we say clothes to fit any weather you can imagine.

  1. Tourism guide

  2. English dictionary

  3. Lot of good energy to start your adventure.



If you  find yourself in any difficulty to find the best place for you in England, an English School, even accommodation, you can contact an agency. Most of them will charge you for their help but you can find other ones that do not, like us at World Choice Education that doesn’t charge any fees for its support. World Choice Education is an educational agency, established by and for students with the vision of helping students and young professionals to study, work and live in the UK. Why? Because we were just like you a few years ago!

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