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First of all, I would like to introduce myself… My name is Marta and I’m 24
years old. I’m Spanish and I arrived in Bournemouth at the end of July. Why did I decide to move here? The answer’s easy; the best way to learn a language is to live in the language’s country.

The purpose of this post is to give you 10 tips of how to learn another language through my experience.


  1. As I said, the first thing that you have to do is to get rid of the fear that lingers behind moving abroad to learn the language. The experience will enrich you in many ways. You’ll never be alone because you will find amazing people from a lot of different countries, and you will find out what the true value of friendship is. Your new friends will become your “family” away from home. The second advantage that this experience gives you is that you will learn the language much faster than you would in your own country. Why? Because you’ll speak the language no matter what you do whether that be shopping, sorting out the bank or dining out at a local restaurant meaning that you’d have constant intensive access to the language most of the day.

  1. Watch the original versions of films and add subtitles too (in English, of course). It will help you to learn the pronunciation and spelling of new words.

  1. Listen to the radio in the language that you want to learn. It will help you to improve your listening and soon enough you begin understanding locals more than before.

  1. Do you like reading? Buy a book in the foreign language that you are studying. But not just that, underline the words you don’t understand and when you finish your daily reading look up the words in the dictionary for the meanings.

  1. Always carry a notebook in your pocket, and when you hear a new word, note it down. Maybe you’ll look a bit weird by taking out your notebook everywhere, but listen to me, this will help you so much.

  1. Try to meet people from the country. They will be the best teachers for you. I know it may be difficult but you this is another way of understanding the culture too, and in my opinion that’s one of the best and nicest things about living in a foreign country.

  1. Go to the conversation evenings. Wherever you go you will find a group of people that usually meet at a local café or pub to chat about a particular subject in the foreign language that you are learning. This will help you to be more fluent.

  1. Listen music in the foreign language you are studying and try to translate the songs … just think you’ll finally know what Beyonce and Jay-z talk about in their songs.

  2. Do your daily tasks in the foreign language you are learning, like make your shopping list, write something down on a sticky note… Incorporating English in your daily life will help you very much.

  1. In addition to all of the above, doing a course is one of the best ways to get better whilst also living in the country. It could definitely the process a lot easier and less lonely.

I hope all this advice will help you, they helped me loads and now I’m doing an internship at World Choice Education, an educational agency, where we provide the students with solutions and support in order to plan their stay in any other country on a free-of-charge basis. It’s gratifying helping students like myself who have come to England to improve their language skills.

Every effort has its rewards!

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