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Farewell Bournemouth – It was a pleasure!

Don’t worry we’re not going anywhere but we’re sad to have seen some of our interns head back home, to the sunny French Caribbean, last weekend. This week’s post is a message from them about their time in Bournemouth.  We’d like to thank Yonissima, Stephanie and Maite for all their hard work and we are so proud of your progress! Keep in touch girls

Yonissima, 21 years old, Martinique

qqNow, it is seven weeks since I arrived in Bournemouth and my departure is very soon. During my stay here, I met fantastic people especially at my work places. My first work placement was at the charity shop “British Heart Foundation” then I transferred to World Choice Education to work as Monica’s PA (personal assistant), who is the Work Placement Organiser at World Choice Education (WCE). Of course, I spent more weeks at WCE and it was an incredible experience, because WCE is, in my point of view, like a big family.

I like Bournemouth because there are a lot of things to do like shopping, going to the beach or going clubbing… But one thing I didn’t like was the weather because most of time, it was cold but coincidentally it’s getting hotter and the sun is shining just as I am about to leave.

It really was a very good experience as a work experience and as a linguistic experience. I think my English has improved because I understand more when people speak English and I manage to find the words and to form sentences to maintain the conversation. My level of writing has also improved, as I make fewer grammatical mistakes. But it is clear that I haven’t become bilingual, I don’t speak perfect English and I would need a lot more time to succeed in speaking perfect English and become bilingual. I think for that, I would need to stay several months or maybe a minimum of one or two years in an English-speaking country to really become bilingual.

Stephanie, 19 years old, Martinique
qwDuring my stay in England, I discovered another culture rather than my own.

I was not used to the climate and this did not suit me. At the beginning it was quite difficult but after I quickly adapted.

The first week I had an English course then I had visited the BOURNEMOUTH GARDENS, and saw the pier on the beach, which is very beautiful.

Bournemouth has many shops, which are really cheap compared to those in Martinique so I did a lot of shopping – which was good fun (WCE ed. Stephanie did so much shopping that she took an extra suitcase back home!)

My internship was good. My manager Noelia very nice and welcomed me into her agency. She explained and followed my tasks that I had to do and I asked questions when I had not quite understood.

My English has improved thanks to my teacher at WCE and employee at my company because for me to communicate I was forced to speak English. I have learned new expressions and have also improved my English by shopping.

My stay was good; I highly recommend it to students coming to gain the same beautiful experience.


Maite, 21 years old, Martinique

qeHello, I’m Maite and these are my last few days in Bournemouth.

My stay in Bournemouth was pretty amazing because I’ve seen a lot of things that I wasn’t expecting to see like the wide beach, the shops that are cheaper than in my country and the wide range of foreign food.

To begin with, I’ll talk about my host family, they were very kind, nice and friendly and they have 4 lovely children.

About the weather, when I arrived here it was cold but now it’s fine because it’s almost summer so there has been a lot of sunny days. It’s too bad I leave next week just when the weather is starting to get better.

Moreover, my friends and I went to the Bournemouth wheels festival and it was great, we saw a lot of beautiful cars and a demonstration by professional bikers (this is an annual occurrence).

My work experience at World Choice Education was great and I would like to thank all of the team for letting me work here. I worked with Beatriz in the marketing field and I really enjoyed it.

I think that I enhance myself to speak English because I’ve been talking to a lot of people for instance when I take the bus, do some shopping and when I order my food.

I’ve to admit that I did miss my family for a bit but it was fine after.

Lastly, I had a wonderful stay in Bournemouth I will go back to my country with a lot of memories and one day if I have an opportunity to come back here, I will do so.

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