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My first week in Bournemouth by Maite

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Hello, I am Maite, I am from Martinique and I will be in Bournemouth for two months to do an internship in my field at World Choice Education.

My friends and I arrived in Bournemouth (3 boys and 4 girls, including me) a week ago on Friday evening. The host family was very welcoming. The people here are very nice and the place is lovely.

It was my first time traveling; I was a little scared because of the flight but it was fine after.

It was a bit difficult in the beginning due to the jet lag; there is seven or eight hours’ time difference between our country and the UK.

The weather here is the opposite to that of our country; we usually have a sunny and tropical climate; here the wind is very cold and even if you have the sun you’re still quite cold but we adapted ourselves to this.

We arrived at a good time because the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enlarged the royal family by welcoming their baby girl Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, and she looked so cute!One week after, was the United Kingdom’s general election, which was won by the Conservative Party for a consecutive time (lead by David Cameron). The Labour party (lead by ED Miliband) came in second place but lost a lot of seats.


I almost forgot! The Bournemouth football team were promoted to the premier league for the first time in history. The team was on the beach and a lot of people came to celebrate their victory.

Another thing I have noticed is that British behaviour is not the same as ours; here the buses are more frequent so we can travel anytime and the prices are very cheap, I also think the people here are very understanding, polite and nice.

During our first week, we had to go to the United World School to improve our English; we met people from several different countries: some were Arabic, Portuguese, Venezuelans, Turkish or Indian etc. but I think that we were the only French. It was interesting, the teachers were nice too and we understood them very well.

22We met each other every day in Bournemouth town centre, in the place that they call the ‘Square’; it was kind of our headquarters where we spent a lot of time together because we’re not on the same internship. It was nice to be with everyone even if the boys are sometimes annoying. We try to not speak French because we are here to improve our English and get some work experience.

Furthermore, we have also seen a lot of luxury cars like Bentley, Porsche, BMW and Audi, all of us like cars but especially the guys they are more interested in cars than the girls.

E33very day, we discovered a different place in Bournemouth; we went to the beach, fortunately the sun was out, it`s very long like the Brazilian one and we saw surfers. After that we went for a walk in the lower gardens, there they have a large hot air balloon, known as the ‘Bournemouth Eye’ but we haven’t gone on it yet.

Last Saturday, we went to Poole, it had the same shops as Bournemouth and also had a large harbour with many boats and ships. On Sunday we went to register ourselves at the gym group.

The shops in Bournemouth are much cheaper than our country especially for the clothes and shoes. We went to PRIMARK, NEW LOOK, DEBENNHAMS, H&M, NEXT, SPORTS DIRECT, MARK&SPENCERS, SCHUH – all high street brands and affordable.

44The food is very delicious, for lunch we found a lot of places where we could eat like Mc Donald’s, KFC, Tesco’s (a supermarket chain but with cheap meal deals), GREGG`S, it`s all much cheaper. We found strawberries and all of us love that fruit. You can also find hairdressers, barber shops, LIDL and international restaurants.

We will go to London this Saturday for a day trip because we want to see Buckingham palace, the London Eye and the Big Ben. I’ve also heard from my colleague at World Choice Education that the London Dungeons are fun!!

Well, we have spent a wonderful first week here in Bournemouth and discovered a lot of places and talked to a lot of people; to ask something or order our food, at the school; it will be easier for us to communicate in English between us now and I bet we’ll have two amazing months here and we will go back to our country with a bag and heart full of good memories!



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