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Spring has sprung on us

aWe all know that spring officially begins on the 21st of March and the days officially got longer and brighter as of the 29th of March. How many of us are glad winter is finally over and the summer is just around the corner? Just hearing the birds tweeting and chirping early morning, seeing flowers bloom and feeling a slight rise in temperature is enough to send a boost of energy and motivation flowing in our direction. Things tend to get moving a lot more during the spring and there are also many health benefits. The longer and brighter days enables people to be a lot more proactive as well as more alert. In fact, the extra hours of light we get per day during the Spring and Summer months help the body’s production of serotonin, which consequently combats the seasonal depression (better known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD) that some people get during the cold winter months. Obviously this is why everyone feels happier in the spring and summer months!

We’ve all just had a long weekend in celebration of Easter and we have been graced with some beautiful weather since. We can finally say the Bournemouth really is sunny plus the temperatures are finally slowly but surely climbing. Some of us may have made the most of the long weekend to travel but those who stayed put in Bournemouth savoured the stunning spring weather by making the most of our golden coastline. It is days like these that make living on the coast a true blessing.

 Considering everyone is more active and motivated in spring and seeing that everyone is finally coming out of their shells to embrace the glorious weather that we have been getting these last few days. We have decided to inform everyone of all the funs thing going on in Bournemouth that they can get involved with and more.

cBournemouth’s Bay Run 2015: If you’re a runner or a fitness freak then this event is for you. Run down the Bournemouth coastline for 13.1 miles and reap in the fitness benefits that this will give you. Perfect for those who have running a marathon or at least half a marathon on their bucket list. This event will be in support of the British Heart Foundation (a charity that researches and combats heart disease) and will be carried out on Sunday 12th April at 8am (bright and early) at Pier Approach. You will receive support and cheer from start to finish but that’s not all… you’ll also receive a medal for finishing as well as a shirt for participating. What a great way to show your achievement.

 Sing along to Frozen at the Pavilion: This is definitely a twist to the popular Karaoke pastime and definitely a must for those who are Frozen-obsessed. The lyrics will be on the movie screen and you will be able to sing along with the guidance of a live host! In fact you will be the main act!! There will also be a fancy dress competition so can travel back to your childhood that way by impersonating you favourite character. This is the must-see Singalong production this year as well as the most popular comedy-adventure show for anyone to witness! Tickets are going at just £11 but for more information you can consult the Pavilion website.

dAntique cars: Starting from the 12th April there will be a weekly line-up of classical cars on the Westcliff Promenade providing the good weather keeps up. These cars will date back as early as 1915 until the early 1980s. So if you love your cars this is definitely for you. PLUS it’s FREE and always something to do! 😀

 May Mayhem: With a range of celebrities making appearances in Bournemouth during the month of May, it may be worth your while to keep an eye on the Pavilion ticket offices if you fancy seeing a show!

 eWheels Festival: This is the long anticipated annual event (after the Air Show of course). This is said to be happening on the last few days of May (29th -31st) and is totally free of charge too. It is normally held on the beach so this is another opportunity for you to enjoy the seaside. This is the ultimate high-energy event so it will most certainly keep you on your feet! There will be BMX stunts that will leave you on the edge of your seats (figuratively speaking) and classical cars as well as monster trucks and supercars that will positively startle you with their strong powerful engines!

 These are some of the most exciting upcoming events but there are many other things going on in Bournemouth and at WCE too but we’ll save that for another day! 😉

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