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New Year, New Beginnings

We’re mid-January now  – crazy isn’t it?  It felt like yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas with our family, opening presents, stuffing our faces with yummy food and having other festive fun. That’s exactly how WCE hopes your Christmas was – we hope it was fun and extremely relaxing. Sometimes those days at Christmas can be so relaxing and fun that it makes going back to reality a very slow process. We can only speculate why this happens… could it be that we are all still recovering from Christmas cheer and New Year excitement? Generally the first week of January is always quite chaotic for everyone, what with the sales and going back to work or school and this was no different for the WCE team. We were back in the office and it was busy, busy, busy considering 2015 will be one of the most exciting years yet for you and ultimately, us too! Below we have some of the lowdown on up and coming projects for this year.

New Programmes:

1We’re working on creating some new programmes for younger students, such as exchanges during the summer where these students will be able to enjoy the stretches of sandy shores in Bournemouth and improve their English before they head back to school in September. We’re also working hard on improving our work experience programme by expanding our partner base, which will give our students (you guys) more options. Some of these partners come from industries that no one else is offering work placement opportunities in.

Social Room: FCE & CAE

2As many of you may already know, we’re offering FCE and CAE courses and the classes are held in the social room. This course has been popular and it’s continuing to grow in this respect! As a thank you we have decided to provide our students free study material such as notebooks as well as our student card that allows them to attend four of our language skills lessons for free.

Social Room: Skills Lessons & EventsOur language skills lessons have also been relatively popular and students have shown their satisfaction, often mentioning that they have learnt a lot from them. Pronunciation and speaking lessons have shown to be the most popular and are suited for learners of all levels. The reading and writing classes tend to be for learners of a higher level so it would be more suited for CAE students or ambitious students who want to give themselves a bit of a challenge. Of course, as language learners you probably are lovers of challenges already so perhaps the reading and writing class is just what you need! Nevertheless, you can take your pick of the classes you go to by checking out the weekly timetable published on our Facebook page. There are no lessons on Friday but usually we host an event on this day… it can either be a recreational event like making your own Christmas crackers or a ‘quieter’ event such as a ‘game night’. These events will also be shown on the timetable as well as publicised – so don’t worry you’ll know about it! 😉

 Social Room: More to come

3 You already know that every month we hold an employment workshop for those who are thinking of getting work in Bournemouth, be it paid or unpaid. Well, this has generated much interest and is a highly anticipated event on the WCE monthly diary so we have contemplated adding more workshops to our calendar! Yes, that’s right! More workshops on a range of interesting things such as marketing, public speaking and we welcome other workshop ideas! Keep a look out for more news on this.

A mysterious project:

4We can’t say too much about this because we obviously want to keep you in suspense and purely because everything is still in its early stages so we are working on developing it before we reveal it to you guys. But this is BIG and it is all very exciting. The WCE team is working hard so that we don’t keep you waiting too long but then again… good things come to those who wait, don’t they? 😉

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