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WCE goes crackers over Christmas!

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We’re just a couple of days away from Christmas day and we’re wondering how everyone’s feeling about that… Are you all sorted for Christmas or do you still have an unimaginable amount to do over the next few days? Are you excited that it’s almost that time of the year or are you relieved the rush up to it is finally almost over?

aEven this infamous rush was felt at the WCE office last week, as everyone was sorting everything out ahead of January and finishing off bits and bobs before heading back home for Christmas time. However, these weren’t the only things keeping us busy… we made our Christmas video, which I hope you all enjoyed and we were also preparing our Friday DIY Christmas Crackers event, which also saw us collaborate with AOK Bournemouth volunteers and its founder, Jim Atkin. This year’s Christmas AOK mission was to help homeless members of the community by either donating tins of food or unwanted winter clothes, so we asked any of you to bring along unwanted/old clothes to our office and were surprised to see a few people turn up with clothes given the short notice. But that just goes to show how wonderful and kind hearted you all are for wanting to make Christmas time a little warmer for these unfortunate souls.

bThe number of homeless people in a local area is always challenging to calculate because people can move about or hideaway in abandoned buildings. However, it is estimated that approximately 2,414 people have nowhere to sleep every night and this is probably going to be no different this Christmas. This is an alarming figure and society very often seems to want to ignore such issues and consequently label these people as drug addicts or dangerous. Things are never black and white and the reasons for their homelessness aren’t always as clear-cut. Christmas is a time for family, love and warmth and yet these people will feel isolated and unwanted over Christmas. This is why we felt inclined to spread the word about AOK volunteers and help Jim with his Christmas mission. Additionally, we would also like to thank those of you who came to our office with a bag of clothes to donate to the cause and help make the homeless’ Christmas a little better. If you would like to know more about AOK Volunteers then you can contact Jim but I’m sure we will partner up for some more events in the future.

cThose of you who came to our Christmas event last Friday will know that Jim also joined us. Since Christmas is about coming together and having fun, we wanted you guys to experience this together before heading off your separate ways to enjoy Christmas at home. We wanted you to have some insight into a British Christmas and what’s more British than Christmas crackers? All the materials were provided and although there was some confusion on how to make crackers initially, we all got there in the end and our personalised crackers looked amazing. Whilst we provided everyone with the materials, Jim provided us with a Christmas tree to make the social room just a little more Christmassy, which was lovely of him! The Christmas tunes were on and mince pies were being passed around, bringing magical Christmas cheer to those there! The cheer was so infectious that the office next to us was buzzing with laughter too. Soon enough cameras were out attempting to capture moments of sheer creativity and Christmas magic (some of the photos taken have been scattered throughout this post).

 dSo now’s to wishing you a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year hoping that your celebrations at home are just as filled with laughter and magic as the event at WCE if not more so. Make sure to take lots of photos to capture the beauty of this time of the year. See you all in 2015!!


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  1. Jim Atkin says:

    Fantastic article you have written…Wow!

    The kindness that you, your team, and students showed me was easily one of the most memorable things I’ve done since starting AOK Volunteers, new friends, a really fun activity, festive cheer (and mince pies) and some amazing donations…how could that be a more wonderful combination.

    My heart and passion is to inspire and create a young passionate, international community, to spread Unconditional Love and Acts of Kindness to help People, Animals and OUR Planet, to help this and all future generations….so I’m super excited to see how our new AOK & WCE partnership can unfold, to help the students and those in need in the local and global community…

    Pleas check out my group for events and my ACE Cracker photos next year, and if you like my ideas, feel free to add me on Facebook, join my group or just share a talent and skill to help us (if you have time, no pressure)
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all, and see you early next year for more fun!
    Jim xxx

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