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Freaky Friday at WCE

The origin of Halloween is somewhat uncertain but generally it is believed to date back to the 16 th century. Some associate it to ‘All Hallow’s Eve’, which is linked to Christianity but others believe that Halloween’s origin is more deeply rooted in the Celtic festival, ‘Samhain’. Both Hallow’s Eve and Samhain have one thing in common, which is remembering those who died. Samhain also marks the beginning of winter and we all noticed that the weather has indeed got a lot colder since Friday! I suppose the spookiness comes from the belief that during Samhain it is believed that spirits are more active and can come back into our world more easily. Obviously this has been commercialised and you’ll probably find some fanatics hanging out in graveyards or supposed haunted houses hoping to contact the other side. Films have also been made from such beliefs … the film ‘Ouija’ came out at cinemas just a week ago and the prequel to the eerie film ‘The Conjuring’ has been out at the cinema for a couple of weeks now.

H1 We at WCE didn’t want to play Ghostbusters at some haunted site so we decided to make use of our social room. We had planned a pumpkin-carving event for weeks and we couldn’t be more excited by the time it actually came to Halloween. We were so excited that we even went all out on the Halloween decorations, and we’re glad that we did because our excitement was so contagious that it spread over to you! By 3:30pm everyone had started carving out their pumpkin others who, such as myself, were less risqué painted their pumpkins but most participants did both!! Soon enough the room was overflowing with creativity as well as
pumpkin seeds. Do not threat though the seeds did not all go to waste … a little someone did have a nibble of a few.

H2Did you know that carving pumpkins has been a tradition that dates back to the beginning of this festival? Although, back in those days people used turnips instead of pumpkins. It is believed that the candle represents the spirit stuck in purgatory and it was also used to keep away evil spirits. Did you know that people used to even dress up back in those days too? They did this to disguise themselves from spirits whilst they went from door to door chanting songs in exchange for food (does this remind you of trick or treat?). Fortunately, someone did get all dressed up and made us all jump half way through the event when everyone was admiring the pumpkins that were all lit up in darkened social room. Unfortunately, he didn’t want to be tricked nor did he want a treat, all he wanted was to scare us. And yes, it worked because his costume was terrifying but we soon got back to taking more photos of our pumpkins, which are all now in competition with one another so don’t forget to vote for your favourite pumpkin on Facebook. The lucky winner will be announced on Friday afternoon! 😀 H3

The film that we were meant to watch was put off for another time and people headed off to turn into zombies, vampires or witches for the night. We at WCE really enjoyed our pumpkin event and thought it was a success. We are glad that you enjoyed it too and went on to enjoy the rest of your night! Hope you all had a tremendous amount of fun this Hallow’s Eve/ Samhain/ Halloween.


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