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The Pier Zip Line is the first Pier to shore Zip Wire experience in the world with a launch tower towering above the sea, and it is located in Bournemouth.1a

It was opened on 13th September. The finishing touches were made to the world’s first pier-to-shore zip wire, which has been opened to thrill-seekers. The last zip wire line was installed, linking up to a new zip wire tower on the end of Bournemouth Pier with a specially-created landing stage on the beach.

The ride has been funded and built by private company Openwide International, which has a lease to operate on the pier. They spent years trying to find an attraction that would draw more visitors to the pier but would not compromise the historic pier’s character. Surfing The PierZip costs £14 for ages 6 to 15 years old and Over 16´s cost £18. You can book the tickets online via their website.


The launch tower stands at the end of Bournemouth Pier at a height of 60ft (approx 18 metres), towering over the sea below. From here you take a leap of faith and step off to experience an exhilarating 820ft (250 metres) ‘zip surf’ over the waves. Furthermore, the Bournemouth Zip Wire is a dual line, meaning you can ‘race’ friends!


Have a look at the comments which the reporter Mel Vass mentioned after being the first one who tried the Bournemouth Zip Wire Line.

There was no shortage of volunteers amongst Echo reporters to be the first to try the pier to shore zip line.

´´I’ve written stories about the project from the very start and it would have felt wrong not to have had a go on the finished ride. The nerves kicked in as I navigate a narrow, open tread spiral staircase, which seems to go on forever. The green sea swirling underneath looks more and more menacing the further you climb.´´

´´At the top there’s a quick safety check but all I could feel was the wooden platform wobbling in the breeze. The gates were opened to allow our photographer to snap pictures of Gayle McDonald and myself looking suitably terrified but this came with a warning: “Don’t lean too far out girls, you could go at any time.”

´´As soon as you’re off , the adrenaline kicks in and the ride is a blast. But jumping off (or teetering off, which is more accurate in my case) is a real battle of mind over matter. It looks like an awful long way to the beach but it’s over in what seems like moments. You come into land at speed and stop with a jolt. I can hardly remember a thing about it, except for the fact it was amazing fun. I might just have to do it again.´´

So, if you want to experiment another kind of sensation in Bournemouth, do not hesitate to try Bournemouth Pier Zip Wire. You won’t regret trying this fun and exciting new attraction!!!!!

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