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Are you interested in becoming a Teacher in the UK?


So you’re interested in becoming a teacher, but you don´t know how to go about  it. Then, this post will help you to follow the path to become one.

To become a qualified teacher, you need to successfully complete teacher training. By doing so, you’ll achieve ‘qualified teacher status’ – or QTS.

In England, QTS includes passing Skills Tests in numeracy, literacy and information and communications technology (ICT). The Skills Test contains examples of the kinds of adjustments that can be made for disabled people, including alternative assessment methods and extra time.

Here are the requirements to get the QTS:

– To be a teacher you need a University Degree and GCSEs grade C or equivalent in Maths and English – and Science if you want to be a primary teacher.

– You need a CAP or Master Teacher CAP (Certificate of pedagogical aptitude)

– Master in Teacher Education. This Requirement is not necessary for Graduates or Graduate Science Education (Teaching).

– Certified translation of you titles.

Furthermore, all this documentation should be approved by NARIC, ´National Agency Responsible´ for providing information, advice and expert opinion on qualifications worldwide.

In addition, if you think that you could be a good teacher it’s important to spend as much time as you can in a school to ensure that. This can be done as a volunteer or observer, or by doing practical work experience. This experience may help you to decide if you really want to teach. You can use it as an evidence of interest and commitment, which will help to persuade people of your ability to do teacher training.

But what about becoming a specialist teacher like a teacher assistant?

If you want to specialize in teaching pupils with special educational needs (SEN), you must first gain QTS in a secondary subject or in primary education. You then usually need to gain a few years of teaching experience in a mainstream setting. Once you have met both of these requirements you can begin taking programs from a Local Authority (LA) who will run programs on specific special needs areas.

Teaching assistants work alongside teachers in the classroom, helping pupils with their learning on an individual or group basis. Some teaching assistants decide that they want to further develop their career and train to become fully qualified teachers or higher level teaching assistants.

Lastly, I would like you to know that World Choice Education has a Work Experience Program, which includes the Internship Program and it could help you in searching for a place to apply to be a volunteer in a proper school so as to gain experience to be a good teacher.

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