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My two months internship in the UK

Hi everyone, it’s Mathieu. I’m now completing my last week in the UK; it went really fast. I learned and seen a lot of thing during my internship. I stayed two month in a foreign country, far from my home with a different culture and weather.

It was a good experience for me because in two months I improved my level of English and my skills, I was totally independent: I travelled by myself, asked people what i needed, all in English! I think this internship will help me in the future

In my first week i went to the school, i learned a few things, we did some exercises, it was really good because you can learn English and make a lot of friends from different country in the world.

I went to a lot of places like London and the south area: Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch. The weekend when it’s sunny, people are going to Bournemouth beach to enjoy the sun and swimming. There were many festivals in Bournemouth, like the Bournemouth Wheels Festival, and the Food and Drink Festival which was very nice with different foods from different cultures.

When i arrived in Bournemouth the weather outside was really cold, but after a while it became warmer. Here the sun comes down at 11pm, so you can go out later.

I tried some English food too: The English Breakfast, Pasties, Fish and Chips and Sausages.

Finally, i had a good trip, now i will come back to my country to finish my studies and maybe one day i will return.


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