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My experience in Bournemouth – Work & Study Program

Hello, Good afternoon! My name’s Mathieu, i come from Martinique, a beautiful island in the Caribbean, in this blog post I am going to talk about my internship in Bournemouth at World Choice Education office, my hosting company.

I’m going to do 2 months internship in Bournemouth which involve for my studies. I was very excited because it’s was the first time I was going away for so long from my family. We travelled from Martinique to Paris, and from Paris to Southampton, a taxi bought us to our host families. We arrived in Bournemouth the 3rd of May 2014, the weather was very cold compared to the weather in The Martinique. We were welcomed by the host family. They showed me the whole house, and of course, my bedroom. After I went to bed because it was 12am and after a long day trip I was too tired.

My first day in Bournemouth was a Sunday; there was no school, so I went to Littledown, a sport centre near my home. It’s really big; there are 2 pools, 4 football fields, a Gym and a Spa. Here the sun goes down at 10pm so you can go out until late. I watched people playing football. After I visited the whole park, I found “Altitude” too, which it’s a park with high ropes and climbing wall. There is a lake and a park for children. It was great!

The 2nd day, on Monday morning I went to an English school by bus, I did a little tour of the city, I saw the Bournemouth Pier, the beaches and some hotels and shops. I learned some English language during my lessons and met some people from different countries in the world: Dubai, Germany, Spain… We eating some pizzas, the prices here are cheap; you can eat for 2 or 3 pounds! J

On Tuesday I went to the school and we visited the city. The city is BIG; there are a lot of shops and a lot of things to see! H&M Vans, Primark… and more. We went to the beach; the beach is beautiful not as in my country but it’s really beautiful. The weather is cold, there is a lot of wind and the sea is very COLD too!

The other days we went t the Oceanarium, there are a lot of aquariums and a lot of fishes like piranhas, clown fishes. There is a tunnel where you can see sharks, big turtles. After we join the carrousel at the Bournemouth beach, it’s turning around and going high in the air. It was really funny! After I went to the park with my new friends and we saw some squirrels and ducks. There are a lot of squirrels, they are funny because they climbing on threes, they eat what people gives them and they climb on YOU too.

I’m here for my internship and for discover the England and Bournemouth, here the weather is cold, and sometimes it’s raining but the weather is always good. The company where I do my internship is good too; they found accommodations and courses for students who would like to study in England or in another country in the world, I like it and I am learning a lot!

This is what I’d done on my first week in England, I will do a lot of other things during the 9 weeks of my stay, even sometimes it’s difficult do some things because I work every day from 9am to 5pm, but I am sure I will manage it! The days are very long in here!

That’s all so far, I will write another post by the end of my internship to let you know how I get on and everything that I’ve learnt! What I enjoyed the most and what not. But maybe I just like it at all!

Mathiew Guioubly 




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