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Should you live with a host family when you study abroad?

Have you ever wondered about living with a local English host family?

It has many advantages that reinforce the valuable learning experience of an English language course.


Word Choice Education tried to collect different aspects and benefits of being placed with a host family. We can ensure that you will be more interested than you are at the present, if you read all the listed pros in the post.


1. Language immersion

Living with a British family forces students to practice English in every second, every hour of the day, even they are resting at home. In that case, you constantly hear and speak English to make yourself understood at the language school, work placement, plus at home as well, your skills will improve rapidly without even noticing!

2. Cultural experience

Students can gain experience of the “British Way of life” within an English family and English culture. Host families provide students with daily meals, so they do not have to worry about food and what is more they can taste the local flavour.

Families are able to advise their guests on aspects of living in the UK, like where to buy things and great local places to visit. Students are automatically treated as a member of the English family, the families invite them to places and events where students wouldn’t normally get to, if they were staying on their own.

 3. Feeling of safety

Host parents provide supervision for younger learners on all occasions when the students are in their care.

If the student is a young adult who is travelling abroad for the first time alone, the feeling of leaving the warm and cosy home must be tough at the beginning. A hotst family can definitely make this period of time easier. While they can make lifelong international friendships with family members, they don’t have to worry so much about cooking, cleaning or how and where to do the laundry as they should at other types of living arrangement. Many students think that living with a host family limits them to do whatever they like but that is not true, as they will have their own keys and will be as independent as they like. In addition, the great company can reduce the homesick and the staying time will just fly away.

4. The financial side

A host family is often a financially worry-free choice because the price includes rent, meals. Students know exactly what you are spending on accommodation and on main meals, so they can divert the rest of their spending money onto sightseeing, entertainment or shopping.

Finally, we remind you that World Choice Education can help in finding a wonderful host family for you! Please do not forget to contact us if you wish to get some more information about our lovely Host Families.

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