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-Some of the most common mistakes-

 Sometimes when you have been studying English half of your life and still you feel that you can´t speak the language properly it can be really frustrating.

It seems that the learning process has different steps when you are learning abroad.

Your first days seem horrible, you feel that you don´t understand any words at all, sometimes you might even think that they are speaking another language other than English! However after one or two weeks you start feeling that you are learning and improving so fast, which is true! In your first 2 – 3 months the learning process goes really quickly! However after that period sometimes you may feel that you are not making any progress with your English, but don´t worry, this is a normal feeling that happens to all the learners, even though a study made last year from the Society for Human Resources and Management shows that 45% of employers plan to increase training for grammar and other language skills even for native English speakers!

The learning process

The learning process

So to help you a bit with your learning process we have compiled some of the most common mistakes:

1. Fewer vs Less

Use fewer when you are comparing countable objects. Example: “I have done fewer exercises than last week”

Use less for intangible concepts. For example “I have spent less time studying this week”.

  1. It´s vs Its

This is a very common mistake when you are writing fast, because including or not including the apostrophe can change the sentences meaning completely!

Use “its” as a possessive pronoun for example “The elephant is in its zoo”, use “it´s” for the shortened version of It is.

  1. Me, myself and I

Even we have studied it at school several times, sometimes deciding when to use each one can be an object of discussion. To make it clear:

“Me” is always an object in a sentence, “I” is always the subject, and we only use “myself” when you´ve referred to yourself earlier in the sentence. (As a reflexive pronoun).

For example: I made myself breakfast (correct). My friend and myself made lunch (incorrect).

  1. Lie vs Lay

This is a very common mistake for example in that expression: ”I’m going to lay down”. The word “lay” must have an object. Someone lays something somewhere!

Have a look to the chart below:

Present Past
Lie Lie Lay
Lay Lay Laid

These are just some examples of the most common mistakes that we usually make when we are learning English, of course even if we have an advanced level of English we still make thousands and thousands of mistakes! So sometimes it is good to review the grammar and keep studying because there are always new things to learn!

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