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Fear of speaking

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“Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out.”

Karl Augustus Menninger

andrasblogThere are many scary things in our world, but you don’t have to be afraid to talk about fears. If you want to succeed at learning English, fear is a natural feeling. It is even necessary, everyone who wants to master a foreign language had to go through these fears. To reach a higher level of English fluency, you will need to turn fear into a tool. In this post, we take one typical fear after the other.

The “They laugh at me” syndrome

Has it ever happened to you that someone laughed at you because you forgot to add ’S’ to the end of the verb in the 3rd person? Has a native speaker ever had a good laugh at your pronunciation?

Just try to think differently… Would you tease someone who wants to communicate with you in your own language?

The answer is probably no, and it is most likely not going to change.

If someone can see the effort that you are trying to do your best they will be tolerant and helpful. Just think about it… Those who learn a foreign language as you do, know exactly what you are going through, what difficulties you have to face with.

Anyway, if you meet someone who finds it funny, it is not worth to deal with it. It refers to a very low level of intelligence! So just smile and do not lose your confidence.

I just do not want to speak…

You are feeling well, the hardest part of learning is improving your speaking and fluency. You should immediately search in your mind for the correct grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and so on. Seems incredibly hard, we totally understand you. But humanity has not invented a supernatural medicine yet, so the only way is to follow the tried- and- true way which is to SPEAK.

Lose and overcome your fear

As we mentioned before you should speak and practice as much as you can. You’ve probably already heard that “Practice makes perfect”. Don’t hesitate! If you get an invite from your friend or whoever to speak English, don’t throw this chance away and grab this opportunity to start to get over your fear. If your partner gives you any kind of criticism, try to accept it, and learn from any suggestion that they may give you.

We have already given some tips for how to boost your English level, so now we wish to collect some hints how can you improve your speaking skills during your daily life.

  • Put away your fears and practice speaking with yourself as much as you can practice recording your voice or making videos, speaking in front of the mirror or while taking a shower. Firstly, it can be odd to hear your own sentences but it is worth a try.
  • Picture yourself as a successful English speaker! As soon as you start picturing yourself as a fluent speaker of English, you will be able to control your fears.
  • Set the target, make a vision board and describe the person you want to be, like: “I am successful, confident, I can talk with native speakers of English”. Put whatever you want to achieve your goals and look at your vision board every day! It will help you to build your confidence and self-esteem.

Well, we wanted to give you some tips how to be relieved from fears, hope it is going to work with you as well. If you wish to improve your knowledge with us, please do not miss the limited opportunity to enroll for our English courses. If you are interested in learning English feel free to contact with us!




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