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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Today, the fourth Thursday of November, is celebrated the Thanksgiving Day. This a traditional national Holiday celebrated in United States and Canada.

Do you know why is it celebrated?

This festivity is celebrated annually since 1621, it means many different things depending on the country and their belief, but it is widely recognized that it began as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year.

Nowadays, how do they celebrate it?

Nowadays, Thanksgiving is synonymous of festive meals, parades, family and friends, for some other people is a day to give thanks for the good things that had happened in our lives during the year.

There is an American ceremony called National Thanksgiving Turkey presentation (known as Pardoning of the Turkey) where the president of United States grants the turkey a ‘presidential pardon’, this ceremony takes place the day before of the 4th Thursday of November.

Here you have ‘pardoning of the turkey ‘of this year:


After this ceremony, the families usually have dinner together; the main course is a Turkey, cooked in many different ways, is a day of multiple parades and celebrations in all over USA and Canada.

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