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Live in the country side, breathe fresh air, work with animals surrounded of the green lands of UK whilst you improve your English… How does it sound to you?


Nowadays we are living in a stressed out society, always running everywhere, looking at the watch, perplexed on our mobile phones… we just have time to work and to do our daily routine. I remember when I was living in my hometown, that I used to spend more than 10 hours per day working, stressed, overwhelmed… so when the time to get home and relax arrived, I couldn’t even talk to my family because I was too tired due to my hard and long day.

When I spoke to my friends and family about this, I realized that I wasn’t the only one who was living this empty life and feeling like this, actually lots of people were in a worse situation than me, people who had lost their job, young students who had finished their degree and wished to start working in their field which they had studied for… unluckily the reality is that it doesn’t matter how good qualified we are because there aren’t enough job vacancies for everyone… It is very hard the situation that we are living at this moment.

The reason why I said all of that is because I would like to present to you a great  alternative for those who are tired of their routine or need to do something different whilst they are improving their English level, which is working as a volunteer in the beautiful countryside’s of UK.

This is an amazing experience to be in touch with the nature, animals, enjoy the healthy food produced by yourself in your organic farm and meet new people who you can practice with to improve your level of English.

You will receive free accommodation and food in exchange of your practical help in the farm, you will be able to choose your destination, the type of farm you would like to work at and any other requirement that you may have to ensure that you do the right choice and that you will live in your dreamed environment.

In addition to this, your membership will last for a year, which means that you can volunteer for as long as you wish to, or as many times as you want to in different farms!

This is the testimonial of Hanna, who worked as a volunteer:

‘I told WCE about my dreams and working on a farm in the UK to improve my English and I was able to be at this farm only three weeks later! Thank you for supported me that fast!

I enjoyed your service and I would like to be in touch with you, to find more opportunities and especially your fast email help when there is a problem!’ Hanna

If you would like to try this exciting experience we will give you support through all the process, we will help you to find the best place for you!

If you want to find out further information, please clic here: Organic Farming Work Experience or contact us at!

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