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Very often, students that contact us about work experience programs and wonder why they should work for free and even sometimes, pay to get onto a work placement program for unpaid work…….

Well, this is a problem that most graduate students have to consider, as they think that with their qualifications this should be enough to get a qualified paid job in the UK or anywhere across the World, when actually, it can be very difficult and so in doing an unpaid internship its the first step that could lead you into a qualified paid job afterwards.

It’s important to take into consideration that you are a foreign students in a foreign country and unfortunately English is not our mother tongue, which we all now need to learn before doing an internship, it’s mandatory to be in an Upper Intermediate level of English, as you will not be learning English in a classroom environment anymore but learning how to work in a office environment, gaining skills and the valuable experience that you need to apply for a qualified paid job in the UK or back in your home country.

The placement will develop your life learning skills such as team work, task completion, decision making, organisational skills, communication skills, confidence building, etc.  It claims to enhance employment opportunities within an increasingly competitive employment market and increase awareness of international business and practical work experience

Doing an internship is a great experience that will build your confidence when facing a new job, as the fact of have been working in a British company will help you to improve the position of your CV against competitors applying for the same role as you.
For others countries outside of the UK, it’s very valuable to have been working in a UK company, as when you return to your home country this will make the difference when being compared with the rest of applicants.

Here at World Choice Education we believe in education and in professionalism, we are a young company working to find out the needs of our students and help them to make their dreams come true, and because of that, we are now able to offer specialized internship placements in many industries like Marketing, IT, Accountancy, Property development, Tourism and Hospitality, Social Events, Sports Club, Charity Shops, Social Housing, Language Schools…and many more.
If your level of English is not good enough, we will enrol you onto an English course to achieve the minimum level of English required and then we will be able to ensure your placement afterwards.

You can visit our website for the latest offers and vacancies.

To apply for this program you just need to send us your CV and proof of your level of English, which you can do through this test on-line and send us the results!

We offer a wide range of internships, paid and unpaid ones. Usually the specialized internships in your field will be unpaid, we will look for a company for you where you can learn all about a qualified job, all are professional high quality internships. You will learn how things work in your field in an international company and environment.

Please contact us to apply or if you need any further information.
Many thanks for counting on us!


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