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Why we are different from other agencies

All students thinking of going abroad, relish in the excitement but sometimes forget the obstacles they could face along the way, so using a good agency with reputable agents is worth its weight in the free services being offered.

Everyone here at World Choice Education is either educated to a degree level, educated in the UK or has extensive traveling knowledge to ensure that we can empathise with the students; fears, needs, excitement and overall dreams of being abroad.

Guiding students through the enrollment process makes life easier for both the student and us. We are very clear within our applications with what is needed and if the student gives us everything required within the application we can offer them detailed information matching their exact needs or advising them on alternative options if their abilities are slightly off the mark. The information given is nonbiased within the institutions that we represent and focuses on the students’ needs and future plans…. so we are not about the money!

We produce relevant information for the student such as the cost of courses, accommodation costs and examples of the types of accommodation you could expect to get in the country of your choice. Examples of why people choose one country over another, travel arrangements and all information on bookings are confirmed in writing before the student arrives. We also ensure that everything that is sent to them by the institution they are enrolling at is not just forwarded to them but explained to them in full, with exactly what they need to do. Essentially we personalise each application to the student and breakdown the information into manageable parts, so it is easier to understand ensuring nothing is missed. A little bit of reassurance and hand holding goes a long way.

With this in mind we can offer personal contact with students in their home country, if they so wish although our head office is based in the UK. We ensure that we have a representative who can guide them through the processes of visa’s, documents and any other queries that they may have. All our agents are experienced in assisting students and have completed the process numerous times.

Maintaining a good relationship can take time and trust is important, many students do seek recommendations from friends, or can get convinced by more pushy agents to use them. Ending up paying over the odds for a below average service and will generally never hear from that agent again once money has changed hands. We want to work with our students and like to have a more transparent offering for them, so no hidden agenda here at World Choice Education.

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